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[Webinar] Making a More Inclusive, Engaged and Profitable Consulting Business - with Deri Hughes


In this next episode of our strategy webinar series, we are joined by Deri Hughes, a Consultant turned operator and Founder of Honeycomb PS, to discuss methods of defining a successful operational strategy for consulting firms.

This event is now available to watch on demand - access the full recording here >>

Consulting firms have traditionally organised in a very hierarchical model. The number of successful consulting firms show that this model has worked in the past, but it increasingly leads to issues with retaining and engaging talented people, and creating an inclusive and diverse culture. As we emerge from lockdown and figure out how to engage our teams in the 'new normal', addressing these challenges becomes even more important.

In this webinar, Deri will introduce 'The Flat Firm' - a model that cutting edge consulting firms are adopting to create extraordinary teams, where everyone is valued, engagement is high, and individuals are free to create impact for both their clients and their firm.

Deri's structured approach will introduce the benefits of The Flat Firm, guide you on how to design it for the specifics of your strategy, and provide practical steps to implement it with your team.

Watch the recording >>

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