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Primary & Secondary Research Services

Anticipating the often unpredictable nature of consumer and market trends can be challenging for businesses.

Whether you want to expand into a new sector or unveil a product or service, research can provide pre-project clarity and help shine a light on your overarching business strategies. Its importance is only amplified in dynamic and competitive global markets; however, in-house research can often be a demanding task. 

At Freshminds, we offer a range of primary and secondary research services. From plugging internal skill gaps and building a bespoke team to work with your existing structure, to offering a fixed-price project to deliver the insights end-to-end, we can adapt to the scale and scope of your requirement. 

Embed a seasoned researcher in your team or work with Freshminds' Research Consultancy, outsourcing a Managed Project to us, to learn more about the growth potential of your business. 

Our Primary and Secondary Research Services

Drawing off our roots as a B2B research agency, we are tapped into a highly skilled and specialised research talent network, which offers 26 language capabilities, rich skillsets, and experience.

Our research services span across multiple sectors, with solutions tailored to each sector. The needed research methods and requirements may include;

> Corporates: Market mapping, customer analysis, surveying, competitor analysis, supplier interviewing, ecosystem analysis, voice of customers, lead generation.

> Private Equity: Commercial Due Diligence, lead generation, market mapping.

> Consultancies: Supplementing existing research teams to provide extra fire-power.

Our team harnesses the expertise to work across primary and secondary research requirements from due diligence and market mapping, to supplier interviewing and customer profiling.

As well as on-demand researchers, we can build full teams to deliver results, fast. Guided by the project timeframe, direction, and overall vision, our in-house managed projects team is highly experienced in delivering top quality service. Better yet, we’ve got on-hand analysts to package that data into tangible insights, helping your business excel in the long term.

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Why Businesses Need Primary and Secondary Research

Understanding data is the core of every business, and research is the process that facilitates and delivers this knowledge. When collected and analysed effectively, it can provide detailed insights into market behaviours, consumer trends and can ultimately propel a company through its long-term expansion and profit goals. 

Many sectors need a unique and tailored approach to data gathering. Our network and managed teams are experienced at implementing techniques such as; 

Primary research:

  • Phone and expert interviews

  • Customer profiling

  • Mystery shopping

  • Market analysis

  • Field research 

  • Cold-calling

  • Lead-generation 

Secondary research:

  • Transcribing 

  • Desk research 

  • Thematic analysis 

However, research-led projects can become costly, time-consuming, and engulf important resources. Many businesses tackle this issue by connecting with external services that can either support or manage the process. 

Our research techniques align and adapt with new digital and tech advancements. This ensures we keep ahead of the competition and maximise the impact for our clients across the industry spectrum.

Whether it’s a research project that needs expertise tomorrow or in 6 months, we’ve got the resources. Connect with the Freshminds team today and learn more about our capabilities.

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