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Innovation Consulting Services

Successful companies embrace innovation. They’re aware that they can’t rely on the same strategies and product positioning that have driven previous returns. As markets, customer expectations, and technology evolves, so should products and services.

For companies that want continued success within their industries, innovation should be an essential and serial extension of traditional business practice. This is because maintaining a competitive advantage comes from a process of understanding market trends and product lifecycle and not being afraid to transform and innovate before things hit decline.

But innovation is hard. And sometimes, companies need external guidance.

At Freshminds, we provide innovation consulting and management by connecting you with our pre-screened network of management consultants, PMO specialists, and researchers. Whether introducing new processes and products, developing digital channels or choosing partnerships, we give you the capabilities to maximise value and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

Our Business Innovation and Strategy Consulting Services

Innovation intercepts almost all aspects of an organisation, including processes, tool stacks, organisational structures and culture.

As a form of change, managing its stages can be arduous, from idea generation to process maintenance. At Freshminds, our resourcing and consulting solutions give you the bandwidth to fuel innovation and move with the times.

Whether you need on-demand support from data analysts to map out product potential or someone with a strong managerial skillset for your PMO, we can get it done.

Additionally, we recognise that innovation takes a unique shape for each organisation, varying based on the business model, industry, organisation size, and more. However, working with innovation strategy consulting firms means that these variables are all considered when designing a framework.

From sourcing singular expertise to curating a full team, we ensure the solution is closely tailored to your needs.

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Why Do Businesses Need an Innovation Management and Strategy Consultant

Good innovation needs to consider internal processes, as well as the external business landscape, such as market relevancy, tech usage, and operational capacity.

Often, this begins with a strong and agile innovation strategy that ties in with overarching business goals. Therefore, defining each stage of innovation is crucial:

  1. Idea generation: Promoting the conditions of creativity and supporting that with market analysis such as product density, key players, and more. 

  2. Experimentation and screening: Engaging with key stakeholders, providing a feedback process and identifying opportunities for improvement. 

  3. Implementation: Organising how processes, both operational and organisational, will support the creation, dispersion, and education surrounding the innovation. 

However, innovation initiatives have a reputation for failure, often because companies underestimate the challenges and don’t have the capabilities to support change.

In this instance, sourcing external expertise can provide much-needed support, ensuring companies can implement a seamless process that maximises ROI and doesn’t sacrifice creativity. 

At Freshminds, we bridge this gap, providing each company with the needed expertise to implement or support a sustainable innovation cycle and increase the chances of growth. 

Power growth, deliver impact and reinvigorate your results with business innovation.

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