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Retail Consultancy

To thrive within the retail industry you need creative and comprehensive strategies, as well as the ability to implement them. However, outlining important processes within operations, merchandising and organisation while remaining agile can be challenging, especially in today’s digital world. 

At Freshminds, we provide the retail sector with on-demand consulting expertise, either at the analytical or expert level. So, no matter what your business requires, we’ll get it done.

Our Retail Industry Services

About the Retail Industry

The retail and consumer space has become more complex than ever. For businesses, the Covid crisis has led to rapid restructuring, and handling unpredictable changes has become a primary focus for the future.  

Additionally, consumer habits are shifting at record speed, with online convenience, unique brand experience, and shopping security at the forefront of consumer value. As the retail and B2C market evolves and D2C emerges, cutting through the crowded digital space is increasingly important.

To compete in the sector, businesses need unparalleled foresight, interpreting how the industry will change tomorrow and in five years time. 

Choosing to work with a flexible consulting firm like Freshminds can be a useful way to combat these challenges. When you need to deliver change or transformation within your organisation, we have the resources and expertise to deliver on that. We can supply retail consultants that offer expert knowledge, experience, and an innovative mindset, offering long-lasting success without a long-term commitment. 

Our Retail Consultancy Solutions: What We do

Since 2000, Freshminds has harnessed a network of analytical and consulting expertise to support business solutions within the retail sector. 

Our roster includes an impressive list of  Analysts, Strategy professionals, Commercial Experts and more. These consultants combine experience and skill to support on everything, including;

Consumers good consulting: Supporting product innovation, as well as advising on pricing and promotion.

Supply chain assessment: Streamlining sourcing, transport, and store operations.

Market strategies: Implementing digital automation and marketing schemes.

Customer segmentation: Researching and analysing current and future consumer trends. 

Operational improvement: Improving management infrastructure and technical systems. 

Like a traditional retail business consulting firm, we can closely tailor consultants to a specific client, optimising results while minimising the stress of recruiting. 

We carefully select retail consultants that are equipped to think outside of the box, fusing analytical and creative thought to support specific business needs. So no matter whether the business is a leading retailer, start-up consumer brand or e-commerce site, we’ll source the talent. 

Our Retail Recruitment Solutions

As well as interim services, Freshminds also offers long-term retail recruitment solutions from graduate hires to executive search

Aspiring brands that want to implement sustainable growth may need a candidate to fill a specific role, such as:

  • Business Analyst

  • Data Analyst

  • Operations Manager

  • Chief of Staff 

Freshminds has access to a selective pool of candidates; we can carefully curate a shortlist of impressive individuals best suited to a particular role, whether that be analytical, operational or c-suite talent.

Be part of the retail revolution by exploring opportunities or finding out more about a Freshminds business solution.

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