​In the third episode of our strategy webinar series, ‘Managing Uncertainty’, we were joined by Jon Key (Managing Director, Key and Co Ltd) to discuss the risks, potential fallout and opportunities affecting shipping and global supply chains.

The Covid-19 crisis is presenting questions to businesses that have never had to be answered on this scale before. With companies across most industries reliant on international stability for production and sales, shipping and global supply chains are now critical to their near term survival. After the crisis, they will continue to be important for their future prospects. Companies are needing to reevaluate supply chains to both manage the current crisis and approach business continuity for the long-term.

Jon is a Business Advisor and Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer with significant experience in the marine industry in ports and global shipping, as well as in land-based supply chains. Given that 95% of UK imports (by volume and 75% by value) comes by sea, shipping and ports are a critical part of efficient and resilient supply chains during the crisis and beyond. With previous experience as the Interim Strategy Director at Associate British Ports, Jon brings a relevant perspective on this strategic question for businesses across different industries.

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