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Scale-Up Support & Consulting Services

Scaling up a business is an exciting phase of growth but one that can present a number of complex challenges. 

Companies can easily become overwhelmed by risk mitigation and lose track of growth strategies, especially with the pressure of reaching key ROIs and offering investor returns. In order to optimise this fast-growth stage, it can be beneficial to get support from external scale-up services. 

Freshminds offers that support through our extensive knowledge of growth management and agile talent resourcing. We maintain a reputable network of analysts, senior consultants, and sector expertise that have been driving business development for over 20 years.

Our Business Scale Up Consulting Services

Whether your scale-up support looks like supply-chain assessment or senior management guidance, we work with companies to truly underpin their unique challenges and strengths within the market. 

At Freshminds, we are in the business of people. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to understand the diagnosis and policy of your long-term growth strategy and connect you with either a team or an individual best suited to your needs. 

From building entry-level talent pipelines to placing more experienced functional experts across various sectors, including finance, healthcare, and retail, we can support your internal resourcing team with on-demand talent. Find roles such as:

  • Project manager 

  • Growth consultant 

  • Functional or sector experts

  • Strategy manager 

  • Researchers and analysts

Additionally, we understand that scaling up can be a convoluted process. Our network is experienced at maintaining cross-organisation clarity and can provide goal alignment, ensuring that all key stakeholders are informed and engaged with overall strategy and goal-setting. 

Explore our range of expertise below. 

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Why Do Businesses Need Scale-up Support and Consulting Services?

Businesses within the scale-up growth phase are in a contentious yet promising position. 

If well-organised, they can produce and implement strategies that take advantage of industry trends, tech advancements, and agile practices, giving them the potential to out-pace rival organisations and deliver on long-term profit goals.

However, managing growth is no easy task. Companies may need to consider:

  • Operational strategy: evaluate supply chain efficiency, costs, ESG policies, product innovation, and tech implementation. 

  • Geographical or market expansion: research market demands, operational risks and benefits, and management logistics. 

  • Organisational management: consider internal structures, communication lines, and change management processes. 

Our on-demand and agile structure mean that we can provide temporal flexibility. So, whether you need an interim consultant with operational expertise for 12 months or a permanent programme manager, we can provide a solution. 

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