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Data Insights & Data Analysis Consultancy Services

Use valuable data insights to find hidden value, develop compelling strategies, and maximise your business’ growth. From corporates to consulting firms, understanding and interpreting data can ensure companies know their processes, customers, and markets inside-out. 

At Freshminds, we offer data analysis solutions. In essence, we handle raw data and repackage it into tangible insights that can help businesses drive long-term goals and outpace the competition. To do this, we maintain a global network with valuable expertise in data analytics. 

So, whether you need researchers, analysts or a data project managed from start to finish, we can get it done.

Our Data Insights and Data Analysis Solutions

Data insights can help businesses build a complete picture of internal business processes and external projects. 

However, understanding data analytics can be a time-consuming process, and some companies may find their in-house team doesn’t have the required skillsets to provide detailed and accurate analysis or the tools to communicate findings to primary stakeholders.

To bridge this gap, we offer data insight solutions. By combining the best of artificial intelligence with human subjectivity, our network provides a tangible overview of the analytics behind business processes, which in turn offers a place marker for future goals.

In practical terms, this means we work closely with individuals who are highly skilled in handling data sources and visualisation tools, such as;

  • Advanced excel 

  • Sequel

  • VBA

  • Python 

Our data insight services are highly flexible because we understand that businesses want to utilise their data in different ways. That’s why we maintain a tailored approach to each project, offering solutions based on your project scope, budget and expertise needed.

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Why Do Businesses Need Data Insights and Analysis?

Companies now have access to more data than ever before, thanks to the growing digital landscape. 

When used and analysed effectively, this data can provide a comprehensive understanding of processes like customer engagement and new market risks, making it an invaluable resource in preparation for any transformation or change project. 

In fact, data can help businesses review their performance or scope out a new venture in several ways, such as;

  • Customer insights: Voice of customer analysis, satisfaction rates, consumer behaviour.

  • Market analysis: Buying patterns, competition, value buoyancy, customer segments, industry overview. 

  • Internal operations: End-of-year reports, employee satisfaction, operational competence, policy progress within ESG.

Our vetted network is skilled in advanced analytics, meaning they can orchestrate your raw data into useful insights on many of the above. Additionally, we can deliver a data project managed end-to-end for businesses that want a comprehensive service of researchers, analytics, and consultants.

Contact our team for even more information on how Freshminds can provide businesses with on-demand data insights.

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