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[Webinar] Psychological safety for virtual teams - with Mannaz Consulting


During these evolving times, business planning is a vital but challenging task. As part of our new strategy webinar series, we'll be covering topics to help companies respond to this global crisis and manage uncertainty.

This event is now available to access on demand - watch the full recording here >>

In our second session, Terri McBride and Stuart Schofield of Mannaz, a boutique leadership development and performance improvement consultancy, will focus on building and sustaining psychological safety for individuals, teams, and organisations. In a time when businesses have to act remotely and teams which are used to operating in a close environment are dispersed across various disrupted settings, maintaining 'safe spaces' for communication is a new challenge in itself. Terri and Stuart will discuss ways to manage these new hurdles to boost productivity and employee wellbeing.

As a firm, Mannaz draws on its Scandinavian roots to enable and support sustainable performance improvements for global and local businesses.

What we'll cover:
- Exploring what we mean by psychological safety
- Understanding the importance of psychological safety for individuals, teams and organisations
- Sharing examples from real organisations of what happens to performance when psychological safety is, and is not, present
- Sharing simple and effective tools for enabling psychological safety

Watch the full recording >>

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