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[Webinar] Planning under pressure - with Chris Paton


During these evolving times, business planning is a vital but challenging task. As part of our strategy webinar series, we'll be covering various key topics to help companies respond to this global crisis and manage uncertainty. In our first session, former Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Marines, Chris Paton joined us to discuss 'planning under pressure' and methods of strategy execution for businesses of any size.

This event is now available to watch on demand - access the full recording here >>

Chris is now the Managing Director of Quirk solutions, a management consultancy which specialises in business resilience and execution success. They work with large brands such as Qinetic, Shell, Heineken, Waitrose, Bupa, Standard Life Investments; as well as SME’s and within the public sector.

What we'll cover:

- Managing a team through a crisis
- Communicating with your team
- Addressing the emotional impact on your team
- Leading in a crisis with an ethos of trust and vulnerability
- Maintaining team alignment and morale
- Some simple crisis planning tools
- Prioritising and approaching difficult decisions

​Watch the full recording >>

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