The more the merrier: continuous projects with major Global Online Retailer

projects with online retailer

Our client – a major global online retailer - initially approached Freshminds when they were struggling to meet requests from vendors during a period of fast growth. We have since built a strong relationship with them over a number of years by providing high calibre analysts who’ve made a real impact on the business and who have implemented ideas and processes which are still in place today. From 2012 to the present day we have placed over 100 retail analysts with them. Our candidates have enabled our client to service demands in their growing business and continue to innovate, being the leader in their field.

Our solid understanding of our client’s requirements, our access to an unsurpassed network of consultants and our bespoke, continually updated rolling shortlist for the client means we turn around all requests within 3-4 days.

What the projects involve:

Our client's aim was to have as many vendors as possible, selling all of their projects on their marketplace. To keep vendors efficient and satisfaction levels high, they need to improve processes for vendors and ensure they are as simple and quick for them as possible.

Projects are varied but all include a mixture of quantitative analysis and client facing activity. Candidates are placed in a variety of roles but all generally include vendor management - reporting on sales figures, ensuring products are uploaded correctly and that warehouse operations are running smoothly, developing marketing campaigns and improving processes.

Some roles are purely data focused and involve analysing trends across categories to track performance, and developing macros to automate processes.

Who they need from Freshminds:    

  • Quantitative analysts

  • Candidates with excellent Excel skills and ability to draw insights from data

  • A number of candidates were required with consulting background

  • Problem solvers with initiative, who can think laterally and constantly work to improve processes


  • Our client was growing faster than they could recruit and the business was struggling to serve their growing demands. The recruitment processes for permanent roles was typically 12+ weeks but they required immediate support.

  • Our client is in an industry which requires constant innovation in order to be competitive, so without the resource this was difficult.

  • Being located just outside of London made it difficult to find people on a permanent basis.

What Freshminds did (and continue to do)

  • Worked hard to understand and build a strong relationship with our client. This means we know exactly what they require and are able to constantly build a shortlist of analysts should their need arise.

  • Marketing, pool-building and rigorous screening of candidates who fit the brief

  • Rigorous screening and interviewing on behalf of the client


  • Freshminds has placed over 100 analysts and counting

  • All projects filled within 3-4 days of client request. Freshminds keep a constant shortlist for our client so should a need arise, we can fill it at very short notice.

  • A number of our project candidates were taken on permanently following completion of their project. This worked exceptionally well for our client as it enabled them to serve both their project and long term permanent requirements.

  • Freshminds provides high quality calibre analysts at speed who could make a real difference in a short amount of time.

  • Our candidates added value to the client by bringing quantitative analysis, problem solving, strong communication skills with an entrepreneurial flair.

  • Example delivery from one project candidate placed in Vendor Manager role:  The result: it was a huge success, saving our client time and money.

Due to the strong relationship we have built with our client, we continue to work across the business helping new divisions and categories.

If this reflects outcomes that your business may require now or in the future, then get in touch for further information.

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