Case Study

Building a Transformation Office

​A team of 13 placed in 8 weeks

Building a Transformation Office

One of the country’s leading transport firms needed to invest in a new Strategy and Transformation Office to deliver substantial change – and came to Freshminds for help in finding exactly the right talent.

The requirement

Our client is a FTSE 250 business who recently brought in a new CEO and Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer. It is one of the country’s leading transport firms, with a mission and public commitment to decarbonise its fleet by 2035. The business had decided to invest in a newly created Strategy & Transformation Office to deliver change across the business.

The overall transformation project included workstreams that ranged across a number of different disciplines; Digital, Customer Experience, HR, Finance, Procurement, Engineering and Energy, building a new commercial capability and operational excellence.

Our approach

Freshminds met with the new Strategy & Transformation Officer and functional Directors over multiple weeks to understand the key priorities for the transformation program. We agreed to search for generalist management consultants who had both the capability to understand and align to the strategic priorities of the business, but also had the ability to work with senior leadership to execute on the change plans.

Each Transformation Manager would be tasked with a pillar of the transformation program, whilst the Transformation Analysts would work cross-functionally, supporting the priority pillars. The team also needed a Senior Portfolio Manager to help oversee the whole office.

Freshminds’ Search team screened approximately 1000 applications across all roles, interviewing around 50 candidates for the different positions. Our Search team then introduced around 20 candidates to the client, and 13 of those were placed into the new Strategy and Transformation Office.

Freshminds took care to understand the type of backgrounds that would fit well within our organisation, and the wider context and impact of what the Transformation Office was trying to achieve

 They ran a rigorous screening process which meant that we were able to have interviews and offers accepted on a very quick turnaround, carefully matching candidates to our requirements – ultimately saving us a lot of time.

The individuals they have placed are driving significant value into our business.

Head of Strategy and Transformation

This process illustrates our commitment to understanding both the expertise and experience needed by the team, as well as the organisational fit. Furthermore, it demonstrates that Freshminds acted as a good ambassador for the business, being able to narrow down applications and mitigate introducing candidates who are unlikely to accept an offer.

The impact

Within the space of around eight weeks from kick off (in late 2023), our client had 5 Transformation Managers join the business as a cohort, and then had 4 Transformation Analysts join too. Freshminds subsequently sourced and placed a Senior Portfolio Manager to help co-ordinate the program of work.

Following on from the successful placements, we have placed another 3 Transformation Managers into the business. The team are settling in well to the business and already starting to deliver change in the organisation, with lots more to be seen in months to come.

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