Investment Thesis Development

Bespoke data and research-backed document to help you evaluate investment ideas and make clear decisions to meet investment goals

Target Identification

In-depth primary and secondary research into target markets, sectors and geographies to analyse key proposals for investments. Target suggestions are delivered using our scorecard system.

Pre-deal Diligence

Harnessing public information and sources from the network to provide fully analysed diligence into target acquisitions to mitigate risk for your business or investment decision.

A quick and cost-effective turnaround is really important at the pre-deal screening stage. Our team can help you develop a robust investment thesis at pace using market assessment & ecosystem analysis, and use aggregated NPS, KPC and churn analysis to show the viability and potential of prospective targets.

We can then provide you with a project-specific expert panel on demand to deliver incisive evaluations of acquisition cases. Our network of industry experts means we’re particularly good if you require research into niche markets.

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Client Success Stories

  • Formation of a Leading Player in European B2B SaaS

    After supporting our client on a number of pre-diligence B2B tech projects, we were approached to undertake a full CDD on a proposed key investment in the European B2B SaaS space. An acquisition was recommended which went ahead and we have since partnered on the deal research for successful follow-ons. Having substantially increased their key investment’s market share throughout Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the Nordics, our client has now formed one of the leading European players in the sector. "Your presentation was a game-changer for us!"Manager, leading global PE firm Our Approach Our in-house project team, mobilised with 48 hours, comprised of a senior advisor with 20+ years’ experience (industry & consulting) and an extensive track record of DD in the European B...

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