Success Story

Formation of a Leading Player in European B2B SaaS

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Leading global Private Equity firm required Commercial Due Diligence to substantially increase their key investment's market share throughout Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the Nordics, forming one of the leading European players in the sector.

After supporting our client on a number of pre-diligence B2B tech projects, we were approached to undertake a full CDD on a proposed key investment in the European B2B SaaS space. An acquisition was recommended which went ahead and we have since partnered on the deal research for successful follow-ons.

Having substantially increased their key investment’s market share throughout Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the Nordics, our client has now formed one of the leading European players in the sector.

"Your presentation was a game-changer for us!"

Manager, leading global PE firm

Our Approach

Our in-house project team, mobilised with 48 hours, comprised of a senior advisor with 20+ years’ experience (industry & consulting) and an extensive track record of DD in the European B2B software space; a research function (experienced multi-lingual researchers and depth interviewers) and data translators (analysts specialising in data visualisation and story creation).

Following an initial briefing with all key client stakeholders to gain a depth understanding of the project and its drivers, we conducted extensive primary and secondary research to develop a 360 view of the key investment target’s market positioning and growth potential. Data was fed live into our bespoke dashboard, allowing us to keep our client constantly updated and act rapidly upon any insights requiring a change in approach or direction.

Our final report comprised:

  • VOC analysis: in-depth customer interviews to gather feedback on target; NPS & KPC analysis

  • Competitor landscaping: depth interviewing (expert, competitor, customer) to analyse market share & competitor strengths and weaknesses across different segments

  • Gap analysis: reviewed competitor business models against target; recommended activities / changes to address gaps in target model & offering

Our Impact:

With the key investment secured, over the next 12 months, we were engaged to conduct primary research interviews for a series of follow-on-investments.

Our ultra-lean, flexible model allows us to mobilise teams specifically around client needs – so we really can just focus on the work that matters. If a client is looking for expert insights and advice around a smaller investment, we can build an advisory panel within 24 hours. In addition, because our consulting expertise, primary research capabilities and bespoke expert network panels are all in-house, we have our finger on the pulse of live insights.

We can change direction extremely quickly and offer direct access to primary research data that clients just won’t get if they’re dealing with a traditional consultancy using outsourced partners. Whether we’re running a full DD or gathering key insights to stress-test investment rationale, we have a more coherent product than a traditional consultancy and we can deliver it more quickly.

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you for your efforts, your timely input, item tracking, and well-crafted materials. This deal will have quite some impact on [us] – it is a great thing seeing it happen..."

Corporate Development Manager: Key Investment

Key Business Results
  • Successful acquisition of key investment target: deal value £50m+

  • X4 successful potential follow-on investments to date

  • Activity has resulted in the formation of a leading player in European B2B SaaS

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