Market Sizing

Top-down and bottom-up analysis to scale the opportunity and give you an understanding over the potential value of investments.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis into aspects including market share, strengths, weaknesses, customer reviews, pricing, marketing and differentiators.

Voice-of-Customer Analysis

Gathering and analysing customer feedback to turn it into valuable data and insights. Helping to you inform you about an acquisition status.

With due diligence the challenge is often no information or information overload. Either way our methodology is rooted in primary research with particular emphasis on target and competitor VOC analysis, allowing us to cut through the noise (or silence!) and provide a clear depth view of a target’s attractiveness.

To keep wheels moving we provide your investment team with live, regular reporting. And if a change in project scale or direction is required, our on-demand model allows us to pivot rapidly with minimal impact on cost.

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Client Success Stories

  • Due diligence project management for leading private equity firm

    Working closely with one of the biggest private equity firms in the UK, our client urgently needed to carry out due diligence on a prospective company for a potential acquisition.BackgroundThey wanted to conduct over 100 interviews with customers of the company and their respective competitors to get a better understanding of the company’s products and market positioning. The interviews would consist of a mix of qualitative and quantitative questions, investigating and ascertaining net promoter scores, KPC’s, and functionalities whilst gathering market insights.Freshminds would run this process from beginning to end, taking ownership of the deliverable. This would include the interviews and proceding analysis and manipulation of the data from the interviews.Key ChallengesFreshminds ha...

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  • Formation of a Leading Player in European B2B SaaS

    After supporting our client on a number of pre-diligence B2B tech projects, we were approached to undertake a full CDD on a proposed key investment in the European B2B SaaS space. An acquisition was recommended which went ahead and we have since partnered on the deal research for successful follow-ons. Having substantially increased their key investment’s market share throughout Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and the Nordics, our client has now formed one of the leading European players in the sector. "Your presentation was a game-changer for us!"Manager, leading global PE firm Our Approach Our in-house project team, mobilised with 48 hours, comprised of a senior advisor with 20+ years’ experience (industry & consulting) and an extensive track record of DD in the European B...

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