My experience with Freshminds has been far better than with other recruitment firms. Its been a very professional and informative service, with fantastic opportunities available.
(Project Mind)
It was really refreshing working with someone in the industry who actually listened and only recommended projects that suited my skills.
(Project Mind)


Are you a Research Analyst or a Consultant interested in working on short to medium term projects? Our Projects Team places Minds like you (as individuals and teams) on discrete strategic, analytical and insight projects. 

Why choose to work as a Project Mind?

Working on a project basis is increasingly seen as a viable career choice rather than a back up plan. Many of our Minds appreciate the flexibility to control their work life balance; to give themselves time for other passions or businesses; and to feel that they can have a tangible impact from day one. Other reasons to work on a project basis are that it enables you to:

  • Focus your experience down a particular path by selectively choosing projects.

  • Engage with a project from start to finish and be seen as part of the client not as an external service.

  • Work with C-Suite executives.

  • Build your CV by working on a variety of career improving projects at a range of Europe’s leading businesses.

  • Take on and build experience on projects that lead to achieving long-term goals.

  • Earn more money - financial benefits can be much higher than the permanent rewards.

  • Try before you buy - 15% of projects turn into permanent opportunities so it’s a chance to find your ideal organisation before going permanent.

  • Interim work is particularly suited to multi-lingual Minds and those with outstanding qualitative skills, which are always in high demand.

How much can I expect to earn?

Day rates range from £100 - £2000+

Typical projects

Typical projects: strategy, due diligence, transformation, change, innovation

Typical roles: primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative analysis, strategic and financial modelling, focus groups and work shops, presentation and report production, project and programme management

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