​​We're offering a CV clinic for candidates in the Freshminds network or looking to join the network during these unprecedented times.

At any level of your career, having the best CV to translate your experience to paper can be a challenge. If you're planning moving career, using some work from home time to give your CV a tidy, or considering going from permanent to freelance (or vice versa), then our consultants are on hand to work with you and ensure that your resume is of the highest quality. Sign up to send your CV to one of our in-house experts and receive a personalised one-to-one feedback time, supporting you to make your profile shine.

What to expect:

  • One-to-one call with a Freshminds consultant to discuss your experience and offer advise.

  • Ensure that you're broadcasting your excellence and standing out from the crowd for any initial application stage.

  • Create a tidy resume now to allow processes to move faster when roles become avaliable.

If you would like help from one of the Freshminds team, then fill in the below form we’ll be in touch with a contact and to schedule in your feedback time.

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