Our Referral Scheme

At Freshminds, we are always looking to grow our network.

On the interim side of the business, we run projects within the consulting and corporate space that require strong consultants, analysts, and researchers from graduate to director level.

If you know a consultant, analyst or researcher who is looking for contract roles, please put them in touch with us. Then if they get placed, you will receive a referral fee.

What's the benefit?


2 weeks – 1 month placement = £50 amazon voucher

1 month – 3 months placement = £100 amazon voucher

3 months – 6 months placement = £150 amazon voucher

6 months + £200 amazon voucher

How to refer someone:

Ask the person to add your name when they apply to Join the network.

Email your Freshminds consultant with your friend’s CV.

Email info@freshminds.co.uk with your friends CV.

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Frequently Asked Questions ​

How do I claim my referral fee?

> Once your friend has been placed on their first project, reach out to your contact at Freshminds or info@freshminds.co.uk to alert our team that you are due a referral fee.

How do I know how much I am entitled to?

> The amount you are entitled to depends on the length of your friends' first placement. Once you have contacted the Freshminds team to claim your fee, we will check the placement records to assess how much you are owed.

I am not part of the Freshminds network. Can I still refer someone?

> No, in order to refer someone, you must be registered with the Freshminds network yourself.

Can I refer more than one friend?

> Yes, refer as many as you want!

When can I claim my fee?

> Once your friend has finished their placement.

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