Recruitment technology

Recruiting great people is a challenge. To recruit consistently and at scale is even harder and needs to include the right methods and technology.

Freshminds have been developing and improving our recruitment methods for 18 years, running and supporting some of the most prestigious and demanding graduate schemes along the way.

Although our methods have improved, the assessment technology was not at the same level. We needed something that supported diverse hiring and built with the intentions of recruiting the brightest applicants for consulting, finance and tech firms.

Freshminds have teamed up with Applied, a ground-breaking HR tech company, to build the first diversity-friendly, analytical reasoning assessment platform. It’s called Mapped.

Mapped Aptitude Test

Mapped is unique in 3 key areas:


Testing what counts

We test data interpretation, problem-solving and attention to detail alongside basic numerical skills. Mapped is also designed to meaningfully distinguish between top candidates using data analytics and client reporting.


Non-relevant psychological factors have long been known to distort aptitude test results. For example, men on average have a higher risk appetite; if unsure they are more likely to guess whereas women leave it blank. This can result in higher pass rates for males, in turn damaging diversity within a business. Mapped tackles these challenges by using a combined approach including a behavioural science-driven design. 

Candidate Experience

Candidates consistently report that they witness cheating during testing and therefore perceive the tests to be irrelevant to the jobs that they are applying for or find them overly stressful. Aptitude tests are not designed to be fun, but Mapped improves the candidate experience and reduces levels of friction during your recruiting process.

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