Success Story

Establishing an AI-driven Insight Platform To Inform Product Roadmap


Many large companies are struggling with implementing AI due to a lack of clean data caused by the burden of legacy systems - and the need to upskill their IT and Data Science teams. 

Explore how we uncovered essential research for our client, a Global Heavy Industry Company, that needed clarity on AI best practices.

Client comment: ‘’Fascinating report, well put together.’’

The context

Freshminds undertook a research programme for our client, which provided key insights into how different industry players were using tech and AI. The project showed that there isn't a consistent way of using AI as companies are all in various stages of maturity with regards to their tech needs and usage.

Of course, larger enterprises are using AI solutions at scale. However, their AI best practices are driven by the need to access quality data that can be utilised on a scalable enterprise level, and that is communicable to other areas of their tech stack. 

Also, there is an increasing need to think about Data Security and Data Residency. With this in mind, the core focus is on creating cross-border data lakes with clean, shareable data that adhere to strict guidelines and privacy laws, as, for example, takes place in the Medical and Pharma industries.

The use of AI for sustainability tracking is today an essential topic and need, but there are still issues with getting enterprise top management to provide buy-in to use AI for such tracking purposes.

The requirement

A division of our client’s organisation provides AI-enabled consultancy services to asset-intensive heritage brands. This division wanted to explore ways to further develop its SaaS product development offer and engaged Freshminds to carry out a defined research project.

The client already had some clear specialisms in technology, which helps businesses understand supply chain optimisation and sustainability requirements. However, they wanted to more clearly understand the specific software needs of their target customers. This knowledge was also required to aid and inform their product roadmap development.

Our approach

Freshminds conducted a high number of in-depth expert interviews (20+)  with key decision makers, such as CIOs and managers working within R&D or innovation, across three continents and in six key industry segments.

Our research consultancy division was well placed to carry out this work, as it has unique access to over 10,000 active experts, the capability to uncover information that isn’t always publicly available, as well as the in-house experience to translate the findings into actionable insights. 

​The impact

Drawing from the insights derived from the expert interviews, Freshminds produced a detailed insight report with findings across 6 industry segments in the US, UK and Europe. The whole process took 8 weeks.

This qualitative input informed our client on their product strategy and led to the further development of their AI-led supply chain management software.

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