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Almost 10 years ago by Soraya Pugh

New Entrepreneurs Foundation and FreshMinds Graduate


Freshminds Talent has partnered with The New Entrepreneurs Foundation to design a scholarship programme to find the most talented, budding entrepreneurs in the UK.  For the 2012 graduating class, FreshMinds carefully sourced and selected 25 of the finest young entrepreneurs ranging from school leavers, to graduates to experienced individuals all who have one thing in common…the desire to become one of Britain’s next successful entrepreneurs

Many high profile business leaders are supporting the programme such as Luke Johnson, Joe Cohen, Alastair Lukies and our very own CEOs Caroline Plumb and Charlie Osmond.

We will begin the search for 2013's cohort in January, so have a look at the video and if this programme is what you are looking for, get in touch with Freshminds Graduate!

Meet the class of 2012


Soraya Pugh is the Head of the FreshMinds Talent Graduate team.

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