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Want to be a FTSE 100 CEO?

We've carried out extensive research into the career paths of the 108 FTSE 100 CEOs (excluding 3 investment trusts and including companies with multiple CEOs) which has shown that you’re most likely to become a FTSE 100 CEO if you work your way up the management ladder of a company.

Some of the most successful businesses don’t recruit leaders, they grow their own.

Business leaders have two options: hire talent or develop it. We’ve increasingly seen people valuing the latter, and the effectiveness of this is clear from the research.

Who's climbed the ladder to success?

A great example of someone who stayed in the same company and made their way to the top is former Diageo CEO Paul Walsh - who recently spoke at Freshminds' inaugural 'Strat Fest' event.  Paul (now Chairman of Compass Group) started his career at property and brewing conglomerate Grand Metropolitan and helped it grow into 'Diageo' - it's latest carnation as an extremely successful drinks business.

Stuart Rose is another of these 'lifers', who first joined Marks & Spencer in 1972 as a management management trainee and left as CEO. Although M&S heavily dominates his CV, Rose had brief interludes as the CEO of Burton Group, Argos and Arcadia Group. This makes him a great example of someone who has stayed in one industry, allowing him to develop the in-depth knowledge and skills to get to the top.

But there's still hope for the consultants among us...

Consulting came in at 12% - which seems deceptively low. When compared with the general consultant population the number comes out looking a lot stronger. We looked at the number of graduates entering these industries each year, and the 12% figure is quite a feat as there were only 625 consulting vacancies compared to a mammoth 4174 accounting vacancies (figures taken from High Fliers' report on the 2015 Graduate Market).  This means there’s nearly 7 times as many accountants as consultants, but this is not represented by the fairly small difference in the number of CEOs. Similarly there are also nearly 5 times as many banking graduates than their consulting peers.

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