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FRESH FRIDAYS: FreshMinds talks Talent, Tinder and Tennis

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Attracting the best and the brightest people to join your company is a top priority for business leaders across the globe, but finding those people can require serious creativity (and a lot of hard work!) in your recruiting efforts. With research announcing this week that there are an increasing number of graduate roles being created there is a clear indication that the war for talent is gradually picking up. This means that employers need to focus on the best ways to find their target candidates, rather than expecting the candidates to find them.

A prime example of this kind of fresh thinking is a recent recruitment campaign launched by advertising and communications agency BJL, using a rather unprecedented platform...Tinder.

Tinder users who came into contact with the BJL profile were met with a picture of an empty seat and given an invitation to ‘swipe right’ if they’re looking to get their 'career off to a flyer'. In an effort to target graduates, and their ideal candidates, the Tinder profile had interests of advertising, PR, social media, marketing and other creative industries, and it's age was set as 23.

This is a great example of knowing where to find graduates and it just so happens that at the moment it's more than likely that you'll find them on Tinder! In April 2014, Tinder was rumoured to have more than 10 million active daily users, so BJL's method tapped into a vast resource, and quirky enough to really pique people's interest.

And they're not the only ones getting in on the act...

In fact, this graduate recruitment technique has also been adopted by Jobr, a sort of Tinder for recruitment that is making waves in the US. By  swiping right or left,  people looking for work are connected with job opportunities, while also helping recruiters to identify talent. Just like Tinder, this dual opt-in filters out roles that aren't the right match for an applicant and applicants that aren’t right for a job. Since it's launch in May, there are more than 1,000 recruiters in the US on the app already and users have swiped more than 3 million times.

Of course, the way you connect with graduates depends on your industry, kooky campaigns like that of BJL's may work for creative businesses, but it's worth noting that it was also supported by recruitment campaigns at universities across the country. By working alongside experts such as FreshMinds, who have an existing and constantly expanding candidate network, as well as the know-how to find that ideal candidate, you can make sure that no one slips through the net!

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