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8 secrets to success

A question that we are increasingly being asked by many of our candidates is "how do I remain successful given the current economic market?". Understanding the secrets of success is not just pondered when times are difficult but continually fascinates so many of us.

Richard St John provides a fascinating insight into his thoughts on success. After 7 years of research and 500 interviews, he describes 8 secrets that he neatly condenses into a entertaining 3 minute TED Talk.

1. Passion
Whatever you do, you must driven by the love for it and not the money. If you give 110% to something you love, it is often the case that the remuneration will follow.

2. Work
No-one has got anywhere without putting the hard work in, working hard can be fun and undoubtedly rewarding.

3. Good
There is no magic and often no luck but instead practice, practice, practice. Make yourself the expert.

4. Focus
You must focus on the one thing within which you want to succeed. Be clear, dedicated and most of all, committed

5. Push
To be successful, you have to push yourself. Push away self-doubt, shyness and fear and take on that challenge.

6. Serve
Whatever your business, you cannot be successful by serving yourself. You need to serve others with something of real value.

7. Ideas
Be creative and use your own ideas. There is no magic to creativity but remember to listen, observe, be curious, ask questions, problem solve and make connections

8. Persist
Persist through failure and the different times and be determined to get there.

We are lucky here at FreshMinds to work with many fantastic candidates and clients who have undoubtedly discovered these secrets! However, we are all inevitably faced with times to reflect on what success means or to question our own methods. When this happens maybe look at these 8 simple ideas and who knows what could be achieved...