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The 7 responsibilities of a successful strategic leader

On Thursday morning the world awoke to the very sad news that the great Steve Jobs had lost his courageous battle with cancer. The endless tributes pouring in confirm the impact he made and the influence he had.

Steve Jobs was, without doubt, a technical mastermind with a passion to revolutionise the technology of the world, but this is only a part of the story. What allowed his name to be so synonymous with success was being able to combine his own genius with a profound ability to lead.

On 29th September, we hosted an insightful breakfast event at The Ivy where we were joined by the world’s foremost expert on leadership, John Adair. Attended by HR Directors and Heads of Talent from some of Europe’s most exciting employers, we discussed leadership theories and the kinds of qualities that are expected of leaders today.

John delighted us with many hints, tips and thoughts gained throughout his incredible career including 7 responsibilities of a successful strategic leader

  1. To have direction – purpose and values
  2. To be a strategic thinker and planner
  3. To make things happen
  4. To relate the whole to the parts
  5. To create alliances
  6. To release corporate energy
  7. To develop today’s and tomorrow’s leaders

Whether one considers leadership to be innate or learnt, it is right to say that the passion one must have to embody the above is indisputable.

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Rachel is a consultant on the Select Team.