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[Webinar] Navigating the Inflationary Cost Nightmare: Top Tips from the UK's Leading Procurement Expert

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Is your company having a nightmare with inflation? Have you seen significant increases in the cost of energy, materials, labour or logistics?

If these things keep you awake at night, you’re not alone. An increasing proportion of Freshminds clients cite cost inflation as the single greatest short-to-medium-term challenge for their business.

What we’ll cover:
  • Inflationary pressures, such as materials, energy, labour and logistics

  • An introduction to should-cost modelling

  • How to build a should-cost model

  • Finding and delivering value

  • Examples and stories of typical successes

8-15% increases from suppliers seem to be the norm, and worryingly, we’ve heard stories of up to 100%. Inflation is real, and a degree of increase is justified. 

However, the first question to ask is: “what is a “fair” degree?”

And secondly: “how can we mitigate as much of this increase as possible?"

One of the teams who can play a game-changing role is procurement. After all, the cost of the goods, materials or services probably makes up the lion’s share of the final price.


To demonstrate how to deploy procurement tools like should-cost modelling, we’re fortunate to be joined by Simon Frost, Founder of Frost Procurement Adventurer Ltd and a leading expert in should-cost modelling. 

Simon has led strategic procurement and supply chain programmes for over 20 years, delivering transformational value to a wide range of global clients.

Please note that whilst this session will predominantly be focused on direct spend in the food sector, the techniques are equally applicable to other sectors and indirect spend.

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