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Marija Globarevic

Marija Globarevic

Manager, Research Analysts

​Marija joined Freshminds in 2016 as part of the Ops team where she was responsible for running the front-of-house and the main office. She grew excited about the fast-developing Research Analyst team and moved across to help maintain our interim candidate pool.

Marija studied Philosophy at the University of Sussex where she developed a particular interested in Phenomenology, the study of experience and consciousness.

Outside of Freshminds, Marija loves to travel with friends and family, exploring new cuisines and beaches. She has also recently developed a keen interest in jewellery making.

CV Secret

Marija decided to go for a job as a barista during university with no prior experience in the art of coffee making. She actually only knew how to make a latte, so everyone got a latte… even if they asked for a black Americano. 

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