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Iosepho Cavaliere

Iosepho Cavaliere

Director of Innovation & Managed Projects

​Iosepho joined Freshminds in 2018 and is head of managed projects, he is responsible for ad-hoc projects built by harnessing Freshminds unique network of consultants. He is specialised in deal origination and ecosystem analysis projects.

Prior to Freshminds, Iosepho worked as Strategy Consultant for more than 40 FTSE 100 and 500 companies. He has over 7 years of experience in partnering with senior level clients for a wide range of projects such as market sizing, M&A and partnership studies, route to market, competitive analysis, brand/product positioning and innovation. He has a multi-industry background with a focus on digital innovation. He has worked on global projects covering 45 countries and lived in London, Singapore and Rome.

He is a pet lover, ex-basketball player and a yoga practitioner. He enjoys cooking while watching Italian politics on the background.

CV Secret

His name has an old Latin origin and is, quite consistently, misspelt across the world.

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