Technology giants wanted to grow out their digital supply chain using a partnership programme

patnership programme


One of the biggest technology giants wanted to grow out their digital supply chain using a partnership programme. Through this programme, partners would be trained with the clients’ technology, allowing them to enhance their product offering, growing their revenue streams and in turn, the clients.

They required a team to be able to find and identify companies that fit a specific set of criteria in verticals of interest, doing so in a cost-effective, structured and time-sensitive manner.

To realise this goal Freshminds built a bespoke team of researchers, managed by the Managed Projects team, to investigate different geographies around the world for qualified leads.

Key Challenges

The client required support as finding these partnership companies required a structured methodology and a team of researchers that could be scaled up and down and applied to the multiple geographies of interest. In addition, due to the global scope of the project, there was a total of fourteen different language requirements.

Importantly, Freshminds was able to cope with the short term changes to the scope following changes in priority by the client. Freshminds scaled the team swapping out specific language capabilities for ones required and growing the team when needed.

What Freshminds did

Following multiple briefing sessions and strategy meetings in the UK and US, Freshminds built a bespoke team of researchers and consultants to search and identify companies that fit the criteria agreed with the client.

The project spanned 20 different geographies around the world, from Argentina and Chile to Australia and Singapore.

The team liaised with the client regularly, providing insights, project updates and presenting good leads that they had identified which would then allow the client and Freshminds to discuss adjusting the search criteria if needed.


Freshminds was able to build and manage a team that investigated every geography the client was interested in around the world. In total, Freshminds compiled a list of over 8,000 qualified leads relevant to the clients’ partnership programme, many of whom have became partners, which in turn has generated millions in revenue for our client.

Since the completion of this project, Freshminds has conducted follow up studies into other geographies and verticals of interest to continued to expand our clients partnerships.

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