Strategy review for leading shipping and transportation company

strategy for shipping company

Following a large scale management overhaul and subsequent shareholder mandate, our client confirmed a desire to review their strategy with a view to increasing their EBITDA growth rate. Rather than engage a traditional consulting firm, they chose to build a specialist interim consulting team led by a Director of Strategy from the Freshminds network. The focus for the review was on continuing to grow the core business, expanding into adjacent areas, increasing productivity gains to reduce costs, and how technology, people and process improvement can be utilized to affect growth.

Key Challenges

  • Although Brexit has impacted all businesses, its’ force is most prominent in the maritime and shipping

  • The trading routes have experienced unprecedented uncertainty directly affecting every aspect of their business. Furthermore, the business is linked to multiple sectors, which are subject to different changes.

What Freshminds Did

Freshminds provided strategy consulting resource to the client. Specifically, our consultants were tasked with a sector by sector assessment, including identifying the drivers and forces affecting them.

Additionally, a focus was pinpointing the high growth areas that the board should consider investment into, the areas that required no more investment, and those that needed reprioritising. Our consultants provided a set of strategic options and investments to the shareholders, taking them through a vigorous market analysis.

Final Outcome

The outcome of the project will be a set of investments on the company’s core business and improving productivity.

If this reflects outcomes that your business may require now or in the future, then please get in touch for further information.

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