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New Strategic Vision and Steering a Critical Transformation

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Global PE firm: Helping to steer a critical transformation programme and building on the vision from there with ongoing strategic support

Our client is a boutique firm investing in emerging markets. In early 2019 they began an ambitious journey to aggressively grow their assets under management. Major changes to core business operations would be involved and we were initially approached to connect a senior leader who could steer a critical transformation programme through to a successful end.

Since the initial project, we have become a partner to the firm in the years following, delivering a range of complex requirements. These have included operations and strategic planning and communications and change, with two of our four Consultants transitioning into permanent roles.

Freshminds is our go-to supplier of top-quality interim talent. They really understand the business and the DNA of the people we’re looking for.Strategic Projects Lead, Global PE Firm

Initial Approach: Transformation Lead

For a project at this level, the real challenge is chemistry. To drive genuine and lasting change, a Consultant needs both the ‘on-paper’ experience and, crucially, the culture and personality fit to build strong relationships within nuanced organisational dynamics. Our first step – as always – was to develop an open, collaborative partnership with our client, allowing us to get in under the skin of the organisation and connect the consultant who would deliver results.

Client feedback: Without your Consultant, there is no way we would have managed the operational transformation so smoothly. Absolutely fantastic experience. Great emotional intelligence. As you know, we liked him so much that he’s joined us full-time and is highly regarded throughout the firm.

Second Approach: Programme Expansion

With the transformation underway, our client was keen to expand their MBA hiring programme. As the firm’s main source of talent, it was central to their plans for growth. Although the manager we introduced wasn’t an obvious PE fit, depth knowledge of our client’s culture meant we were confident that she would deliver tremendous value. She impressed from day one and transitioned quickly into a permanent role.

Client feedback: We’re active on 4 X as many campuses we were 12 months ago and applications to the Associate Programme have more than doubled. She’s really taken it to the next level. Fantastic!

Third Approach: Strategy & Communications

By mid-2020, our client was ready to launch a major strategic review and was looking for a senior PMO to lead it. A challenging, pivotal project, this would involve working alongside our client’s Head of Banking and Executive Committee, and co-ordinating the input of 100+ executives worldwide across 6 workstreams. The review was successfully completed in Q1 2021 and a new strategic vision is now in place.

Client feedback: This was the most important strategic review ever conducted by the firm and your Consultant was exactly what we needed. They brought rigour and discipline to the programme which meant that it went incredibly smoothly – moving parts were monitored continuously and tough-to-pin execs and partners were kept in check!

Our most recent introduction, a senior communications specialist, is currently advising on the change around the new strategic vision and shaping internal communications across a number of ongoing projects.

Key Business Results

• Successful transformation of the core business operations team

• Pivotal strategic review completed. New vision & communications plan created

• Design & delivery of MBA hiring expansion: 140% increase in applications from previous year

Freshminds is our go-to supplier of top-quality interim talent. They really understand the business and the DNA of the people we’re looking for. It’s often assumed that as a PE firm we want cookie-cutter Wall Street types. We don’t: we want rounded, human beings who are fun to work with – people who are confident and also humble. People who are friendly, colourful and energetic. People with fizz! Strategic Projects Lead, Global PE Firm

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