Case Study

Networking Organisation Invests in Graduate Talentto Supercharge their Vision of a Better Future


Our client needed access to incredible graduate talent to help power their growth. In response, Freshminds built an end-to-end hiring programme, acting as an extension of their business and attracting the best and brightest graduates.

Connecting them with innovative young professionals in roles such as Strategic Project Manager and Outreach Consultants proved pivotal to powering up their corporate strategy.

The Requirement

Our client, a community-focused organisation, specialises in social, economic and environmental impact projects. Their aim is to create an environment where change-makers, investors, and other interesting people can meet and collaborate towards a better world. 

With the aim of becoming business leaders, they needed support with their ambitious growth plans. Their initial aim was to build their team, developing talent at the graduate level to ensure they had greater capacity in their business. However, after meeting with the Freshminds team, they realised they needed greater strategic support, too. 

Key Challenges

1) Hiring during growth stages is vital for meeting increased demand, expanding operations, driving innovation, and staying competitive. It distributes workload, fosters creativity, and prepares the company for future needs, so having a partner who is able to deliver talent quickly without loss of quality is essential. 

2) Hiring talent, particularly at the graduate level, can be extremely time-consuming. Equally, there’s often intense competition from other employers, mismatched skill sets, uncertainties about cultural fit, and the need for candidates to adapt quickly to the demands of the role. Employers must effectively communicate their value proposition and provide opportunities for growth and development to entice top talent.

What Freshminds did

The Freshminds team conducted a briefing call to understand the client’s core candidate requirements, from soft skills to functional knowledge. After this, the search began. 

  • Sourcing: To attract top-quality candidates, we conducted a marketing and headhunting campaign - using the connections we’ve established in the 10+ years we’ve navigated in graduate talent. 

  • Interviewing: Our experienced team are eagle-eyed when it comes to finding the right candidate fit based on the initial brief. 

  • Assessment centres: After selecting the most suitable on a shortlist, we manage in-person assessment centres so the client can network with potential candidates and make the final decision on placement offers. 

The Freshminds team began with over 3000 applicants and ended up with 24 talented candidates on the assessment day. 


Whilst the client was initially interested in hiring two graduates, their requirements expanded during the course of the scheme. We ended up placing ten roles - including:

  • Strategic Project Managers 

  • Product Associate 

  • Outreach Consultants 

  • Membership Analysts

Having run graduate schemes for over five years, Freshminds is well-equipped to source young professional talent - many of whom go on to achieve incredible careers transforming businesses. 

Interested in building your own graduate programme? Get in touch below. 

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