Global management consultancy expanding their diversity intake

diversity for management consultancy

Our client is a well-known, global Management Consultancy, who was keen to expand on their diversity intake within their Consultant level Industry Hiring programme. Freshminds were able to provide a very targeted route to market and filter out the exceptional candidates, allowing the Consulting firm to add almost ten more candidates within the diversity pool that was lacking, to the interview process.

Key Challenges

 The key challenges the client faced was the capacity to headhunt a particular target range of experience, within a particular gender group and with the suitable ‘commercial skillset’ in industry which would enable them to be successful within a Consulting environment. Freshminds were tasked with identifying these particular candidates, sending out approaches and screening those that appeared initially interested.

Freshminds were a trusted partner to the Consulting firm and provided them with candidate profiles that had expressed interest in moving into consulting at this particular company. Freshminds met all the candidates before introducing them to assess fit and motivations. From there, successful candidates were introduced to different events, workshops and information sessions in the lead up to their Assessment Centres and Freshminds kept abreast of the candidates during this 5-6 month period.

What Freshminds did

Freshminds met with the client for an initial briefing session to understand the critical requirements of an exceptional ‘Industry Hire’ candidate. Following an internal strategy meeting, Freshminds began to formulate a search plan, target companies, levels and geographies.

The Experienced Hire’s dedicated candidate management team then sat down with a focus group provided from the Consultancy firm to deep dive into the
day-to-day life of a Consultant at the firm. We then got a flavour of the ideal culture fit, what levers and motivating factors we should be assessing at the face to face stage. After a follow-up meeting with the dedicated client account manager, the search was kicked off.

Freshminds approached roughly 400 potential candidates, screened close to 100 and then met those who excelled during the phone screen. Once we were
sure the candidates met the Consultancy’s requirements both in terms of ‘commercial skillset’ and culture fit, we introduced their profiles to the Consultancy firm to check they were aligned with what they classified as a Consultant grade candidate.


Our Client has increased their intake of this particular diversity segment of Industry Hire candidates and has almost ten extra candidates attending their Assessment Centre.

Moving forward

Our team has now established a network of Industry Strategists from a range of sectors and looks forward to replicating our methodology with clients who are facing similar diversity issues.

If this reflects outcomes that your business may require now or in the future, then get in touch for further information.

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