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Covid-19 Update: Advancing to the Next Stage

by James Callander & Adam Clements June 17, 2020
Avancing Freshminds

​Since the rapid changes to businesses and daily life in March, there have been many updates from us and our business partners. For us, and like most companies working in an economy which has effectively been put into hibernation, it has been a huge challenge. This has involved not only cancelled projects and declined demand, but the awful challenge of team reorganisation to adjust to a very complex and fast-moving environment.

However, a hibernation it has been and with shops reopening, bubbles, 6 person gatherings and Q3 on the horizon, a summer business breeze is in the air.

Looking back

Despite these challenges, it has also been a positive time in many respects. After the transition to a work-from-home pattern, we can recognise that never before have we been able to do things such as spend this much time with our families, have additional time for personal projects, or have this much time saved from the daily commute.

It has also been a rare time for reflection – and forced many to think about what matters in their lives and not just bobbing along in the busy stream of ‘urgent but unimportant’ activities we are all so used to. It has brought out the best in us. We were proud to see the many Freshminds team members and superstars in our network volunteer their time to help grow the Covid-19 Testing Network. The team have remained on-hand to advise candidates and clients on how to navigate this environment personally and professionally.

With our ear to the ground across Private Equity, consultancies, corporates and beyond, there have been some very positive stories of resilience and innovation. We hear every day how our clients are getting back together and working out how to get back to business.


We now need to play our small part in getting businesses and the economy moving again. Since the start of June, we have started to see this slow unlocking of our network – both candidates looking for work and clients looking to research and understand their new normal. Across all industries, companies are being forced to think creatively and differently as we collectively move into this next phase. Never before has the need for new ideas and fresh minds been more apt.

There is a recognition of the difficulties of hiring at this time, especially when many teams remain on furlough. But the gulf between this and the need for expertise has become even larger. Businesses need new thinking, fresh perspectives and real insights to power them out of the dip and through to a growth phase again. This is where freelance becomes a tried and tested high value, low-risk option. Businesses can harness the very best expertise entirely flexibly all of whom are fully quality assured.

Time for a fresh mind

Our interim team pioneered the idea of a flexible consultant workforce nearly 20 years ago. There’s no better time to use this time-proven model of excellence on demand to advance out of this current economic dip. The things that are proven to make a difference in uncertain periods include:

  • Short term research: The work of market mapping, market entry, customer profiling and language research at a fraction of the cost

  • Interim analysis: Understanding threats, opportunities and helping you make decisions with data and supporting qualitative insights.

  • Freelance strategy and management consultants: The real expertise needed to answer strategic questions and give a fresh perspective on critical challenges

  • Flexible strategic teams: Plug-and-play teams of pre-vetted and high calibre individuals who can solve a specific challenge or plug skills gaps for a period of time

We operate as your talent partner – understanding where the gaps are in your existing functions and finding the right resource to make a real difference. We support challenges big and small across financial forecasting, operating structures and digital transformation. Our freelance Researchers, Analysts, Consultants and plug-and-play teams are already working on helping our clients to unlock and move forward.

Predicting the unpredictable

More broadly, it’s important to recognise that periods of uncertainty are far from uncommon. Navigating uncertain times has been a subject of a number of our (most popular) events in the last 5 years. A dip doesn’t preclude long-term growth and resilient companies are those that are aware and adapt in the downturns and make the changes to ride the upturns.

Moving forwards, we will continue to be on-hand to discuss challenges and opportunities with our business network. Thank you to everyone that has reached out over the last few months and we look forward to talking more with everyone in the coming days and weeks. We welcome conversations from anyone looking to discuss your plans in more depth and we have a fantastic team who are working as usual to support companies to grow and succeed in these testing times.

On a personal note, the decision to say goodbye to a few of our core team was not something that we ever wanted to have to do. But given the challenging conditions it was needed to do to help reshape the company and transition our business forward for the next chapter. We know that one of the best things about Freshminds past and present is our amazing team. If any businesses are looking for talent specialists then we can put forward some of the very brightest and best individuals that we have both had the pleasure of working with. Please reach out to us directly and delighted to make any relevant introductions.

Good wishes and strength to you all.

Onwards and upwards.

James Callander & Adam Clements

Freshminds Managing Directors

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