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Covid-19 update: Apart but still connected

by James Callander & Adam Clements April 01, 2020
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We hope that you are all doing well during these difficult times. This global Covid-19 crisis is an extraordinary time in our history with a great deal of uncertainty in personal and business lives. It’s been a difficult few months already and we know that some of our closest partners are also facing hard business decisions as a result.

Whilst there are a lot of these messages being communicated out, as Managing Directors of Freshminds, we wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the work of our team and outline a few steps that we’re taking to respond from our business, for yours, and for your careers.

Thank you so much to the people that have reached out with messages already, and it’s heartening to hear from so many people when we’re going through the same thing. Whilst it’s certainly not something that we could have predicted to have to respond to on this scale, it’s a testament to the team, the resilience of the network, and the resources available that we can be remote, but remain connected, doing what we can to support businesses through this time.

For businesses

Remote excellence on demand

We’ve spent our past 20 years as a business building up the highest quality network of Researchers, Analysts, Consultants and senior strategy professionals. We can, therefore, rapidly deploy teams to give insight, support and advice on how to adjust plans allowing us to support companies to make informed decisions. If you lack resource, our network is available on-demand within your required timeframes to immediately plug any skill gaps and keep things moving remotely.

Freshminds Connect

To help support businesses with critical questions and provide advice where it's needed the most, we’re offering two free hours of consultant time with selected experts.

We can connect your business to top-tier Management and Strategy Consultants, Industry Experts and experienced Analysts who can help you move forward with your business goals. The consultations are especially helpful for work from financial forecasting, scenario planning and brainstorming, to stress testing ideas facilitating workshops and conducting stakeholder interviews. Get in touch to find out more.

Research help

With a network of research professionals whose skills can be particularly useful right now, we want to help us all get back on track after we come out the other side. If your organisation is conducting scientific or policy work in specific response to the global Covid-19 situation and you are short of resource, please do get in touch and we will try to help you for free.

For candidates

Availability of jobs and projects

It’s a difficult time for businesses as a whole and companies may reassess some hiring timelines. For projects, we are working with our clients to reshape and re-scope work where necessary. Roles will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and we’ll have several positions in a slightly different remit available during this time. However, we’re still conducting searches and more roles will become active again, so we encourage you to keep checking the site and keep applying for positions that we’re working on.

We will, of course, stay in close contact with those who are actively involved in processes during this time. Overall, it’s important to keep your availability up to date to help make sure that we maintain a smooth and quick process, can represent you and ensure accurate communication with the hiring business.

CV & personal brand advice

We’re aware that people may want to focus their time on building their personal brand or CV edits and we are here to help. We will be offering calls or email sessions to discuss ways to improve your CV or what you can be doing to enhance your personal brand. If you’re interested in getting some help, please contact your Freshminds connection.

As usual, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the above in more detail, then please do get in touch. We’re on-hand to help in any way that we can during this time and especially wish you, your families and contacts good health all round.

James Callander & Adam Clements

Freshminds Managing Directors

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