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Report - The Changing Attitudes to Work

by James Callander July 26, 2019

ss​It’s a well-recognised fact that the world of work is changing. The future of work - whether two years, five years or ten years from now - is going to be vastly different from what it is today. Today, the millennial generation is already the largest workforce, and graduate Generation Z’ers are now hitting the workplace alongside them. While a sweeping generalisation is often to be avoided, it’s true that work trends have shifted thanks to millennials, and this next wave of younger employees want different things from their careers. An understanding of a changing set of outlooks is important for knowing how to continue to drive success and get the most out of employees. 

Drawing off data collected from top graduates starting their careers, find out about how the next generation interacts, how these attitudes have evolved, and how they are influencing the workplace. 

The report provides insights for hiring businesses around top graduate talent expectations including:

  • Skills and lifestyle shifts impacting workplace expectations

  • Influences from automation on the generation of 'tech innate' employees

  • The rise of flexible working preferences and what this means

  • Ways to retain entry-level employees in a competitive market​

Get in touch directly to request a copy and any other information news@freshminds.co.uk

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