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How to identify and recruit senior talent

by Ata Victor July 01, 2019

​Attracting top talent to your growing business does not have to be strenuous and time-consuming. Although compensation and benefits factor significantly into senior candidates job criteria’s, when considering new opportunities, it no longer guarantees successful recruitment. In a Hired.com survey, the website found that amongst the candidates on their platform – “many will forego the highest salary to select the job that they believe is the best overall fit. They desire a role that will allow them to learn new skills, alongside a focus on cultural fit.”[1]

Today, neither large companies nor small companies have a clear advantage when it comes to attracting quality senior talent. For a growing business, it is crucial to cultivate the roles and then identify the perfect candidate. Succeeding at this for any size business positions them perfectly to recruit and retain talent at all levels.

At Freshminds, we believe that there are five essential tools a small business can use to recruit senior talent.

  • Talent attracts talent.

Make sure that your company and its brand are visible on a corporate and a personal level, highlighting the fact that size is not a definitive factor for industry success.

Alternatively, initiate a referral incentive program so that your current talent will be financially motivated to refer to senior prospects. Allowing your existing expertise to tap into their network is a great way to boost your engagement with high-level talent.

  • Find your companies strengths.

By playing up your company strengths, you will attract candidates that fit organically within your company culture. Hold a company-wide open house and send out invitations to promising prospects, this with allow for self-selection and thereby fast tracks them through initial HR screenings.

  • Tailor the Role

As aforementioned, senior talent does not always equal an increase in compensation. As a smaller business, you have more flexibility than larger companies. Using that difference to your advantage is crucial for retaining senior talent. Today’s candidates are looking for honesty, openness, and a less formal approach to the work-life balance, this should become a driving force behind your companies positioning as an attractive proposition for senior talent.

According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report, 66% of candidates care most about company culture, 54% about the perks offered, and 50% consider the brand mission a priority. Tailoring your roles for prospects will enable you to present a more holistic and attractive position.

  • Play the Long Game.

Hiring only for the present when growing your business limits your talent pool to applicants that are available at that specific time; this can create stagnation in your business’s internal career development. Most critically, senior talent is more reluctant to consider opportunities that don’t allow for skill and personal development. Although there will always be specific vacancies that are unexpected and must be filled urgently, it’s essential to think long term to fill senior roles as frequently as possible.

  • Utilise External Recruiters

Actively utilising recruiters that work directly with senior talent can also boost your ability to attract high-level talent. Whether it helps with brand recognition, tailoring your approach or widening the search to include less overt candidate’s, external recruiters are pre-equipped to handle all scenarios for all levels of recruitment.

Our Tips for working with recruiters for senior talent

  • Trust their recommendations. Although you know what works for your company, recruiters are equally equipped with the experience and knowledge that comes with filling differentiating roles.

  • Allow them to help you create a job ad.  Placing emphasis and effort on perfecting your job ads is vital for a successful recruitment campaign. Talent needs to be persuaded to take an interest in the vacancies you’re advertising.

  • Posting your advert in the right places will also help to target the right individuals. Using social media, both standard and sponsored, can help to reach a broad audience of relevant and passionate prospects.

  • Familiarise them with your brand's values and culture. This will enable them to highlight your strengths to prospects.

  • Senior talent trusts this search format for job hunting; it’s likely your perfect prospect is already circulating within a recruitment database.

Recruiting senior talent relies on a clear understanding between employer and potential employees, using strategy and skilled recruiters can facilitate your search for senior talent, ultimately positioning your business for substantial growth.

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