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How to effectively manage and lead a team

by Bhavesh Kalani June 25, 2019

​Often when considering how to manage and lead a time effectively, you need to pay attention to the key drivers behind your team’s career progression and elevation.  You must also internally learn how to successfully manage the responsibility that comes with management in order to optimise your team’s success.  

With this in mind, how you can effectively manage and lead a team?

  • Create a compelling vision

The foundation of successful leadership has a compelling vision. Succeeding in getting the necessary buy-in from the team and other divisions will motivate and inspire them to achieve goals and objectives.

  • Optimise your team’s strength

A successful manager knows the team’s strengths. By knowing these strengths, you can better delegate work, ensuring the completion of the best possible job while also keeping your team engaged in the work that they are doing.

  • Provide the right support and guidance to the team

Great managers understand that their team is nothing without great people who respect them and work hard and they listen to team’s member’s opinions and concerns. They also help you set goals and ways to achieve them – this is not only important in management but all corners of control.

  • Allocate time to team members     

Managers should always have time for their team when it is needed– whether that’s 5 minutes or half an hour — having time for team members’ shows that you care and are genuinely interested in how everyone is progressing in their roles. Taking the time to listen to team member’s issues and helping them resolve them by taking the necessary steps presents effective leadership.

  • Provide clarity on their role

Let your team know that you’re willing to go above and beyond to get what the clients and customers values most. Clarify what it is that your organisation is required to do, what their role entails and how they can achieve the best results in doing so.

  • Set a level of expectation

Emphasise core values that you strive to implement at every level within the organisation. These values will help define the level of work you expect your team to reach daily. By setting the bar high, you’re holding your organisation responsible for the achievement of these goals.

  • Learn to delegate

Be prepared to delegate; it’s an apparent show of faith and a demonstration that you are willing to acknowledge different skill sets. A successful and well-respected leader is in the trenches with their team. Follow with actions, not just words, and your team will follow.

  • Provide a positive company culture

Creating an ethical workplace culture is very important, and the drive to achieve this comes from leadership. It’s essential to instil a positive, collaborative and meritocratic mentality and create a structure in which everyone feels comfortable and challenged at the same time.

When moving into leadership positions, you need to be conscious that you’re leading your team in the right direction. Being able to master how to manage and lead a team effectively will help increase business success as well as provide you with a happy and confident team.

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