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Almost 3 years ago by Steph Fruin

Job Titles Explained: What is a Strategy Analyst?


​A Strategy Analyst is responsible for identifying the needs of business and determining the direction it needs to go in to excel and succeed. They will develop these decisions by analysing, gathering and reviewing data then creating relevant solutions to the companies’ problems.

Common Strategy Analyst tasks include:

  • Helping research and present data analysis.

  • Analysing and interpreting data to communicate market trends and industry predictions.

  • Turning these predictions into a strategy plan, identifying areas for growth and resolving issues.

  • Identifying industry competitors, analysing their market and identifying recommendations moving forward. 

Skills Required:

  • The ability to draw conclusions from data and create business predictions.

  • Be able to create out of the box ideas for simple tasks

  • Be able to communicate effectively the results back to senior stakeholders.

  • Extremely organised

Career Paths:

A Strategy Analyst can come from a range of backgrounds but must have an interest in interpreting and analysing data and drawing conclusions. A quantitative and analytical background is preferable and must be able to manage strategic analyses of data environments. Good degrees for Strategy Analysts include finance, business and communications and a strong sense of understanding of strategic planning will be beneficial. 

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