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Top Tips from a MBB Interviewer for a Case Study interview

by Steph Fruin January 18, 2019
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·      The interview is as much an interview of how well you connect with the interviewer and your interpersonal skills as well as your job fit. They’ll look at your poise, confidence, communication and enthusiasm.

·       Make sure you fully understand the question in hand and write it down, capturing all of the relevant details and requirements of the case study.

·       Ask questions to clarify and reiterate the situation back to the interviewer out loud before you begin. This is to ensure that you have a clear understanding before you start.

·       Know the frameworks but DO NOT attempt to tackle a case during the interview by referencing the directly.

·      Take a minute to capture your thoughts on paper. DO NOT start talking about the analysis right away. Politely ask if you can take a few moments to jot your thoughts and ideas down. This will allow you to create a structure and a plan to follow instead of just diving in blind.

·       Briefly talk to your interviewer through your framework approach (without referencing it). Explain the rationale for this approach and your reasoning behind using it.

·       Continue to ask relevant questions to gain further insight throughout the case.

·       If you make assumptions, state them clearly.

·       Do not rush to get to "a solution." You are being evaluated, on your logic and process of your analysis.

·       Recommendations you give are only as sound as the thought process you used.

·        Stay focused on the problem at hand. Do not digress into detail that may not shed light on the issue just to sound impressive.

·       Use nice and easy numbers whenever you are estimating market size, price and costs. You can round up but only when you have first discovered the specific number and stated clearly that you are then going to round up.

·       Develop clear and decisive recommendations. Provide options.

·       Practice. Practice. Practice. The more case studies you practice, the more prepared you’ll be and the more mental arithmetic you practice ahead of the interview the better.


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