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The next step after your consulting career

by Alex Anton July 30, 2018
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The key conversation that we often have with consultants who have been in their career for a few years is about their future and how a new role can enhance their career progression. This year, the Graduate & Early Careers team have had the opportunity to work on some truly exciting roles across different industries, including Media, FMCG, Real Estate and Financial Service. We, therefore, thought that we’d provide an understanding of what we often have on offer for those with a consulting background.

More and more businesses have diversified their offering by acting as Strategic Advisors to their clients.  An example of this is a leading Real Estate business that has developed a versatile consulting arm and offers a range of services from building company portfolios to strategic planning. With lots of new projects coming in their ideal candidate was a consultant with a couple of years of experience, an interest in real estate and a desire to move in-house. As the role involved a mix of data analysis and client facing, the consulting skill set was just the perfect match and while the candidate had to feel comfortable joining a large company, there were ample opportunities to progress and build a long-term career.

The Consumer industry is another fascinating area where companies are faced with constant challenges and heightened competition. One of our clients in this sector is a prominent wholesaler that was recently bought by a Private Equity firm, prompting it to revamp the majority of its functions during this period of transformation. They were looking to onboard a new FP&A Manager to liaise with local teams for forecasting, financial analysis and the creation of a 3-year plan. The right candidate in this instance was a consultant with strong financial modelling skills, who also had extensive experience in providing insights and presenting to senior stakeholders.

If you’re passionate about finance, you’ll be pleased to hear that the consulting skill set is highly valued here. We had the chance to work with a young quant hedge fund that stands out amongst competitors due to its consistent growth and strong talent retention. With a new division in place and plenty of complex problems to solve, the team was in need of a Data Strategy Analyst who would research and implement strategies based on the evolving role of data within the systematic investment landscape. The role combined analysis, research and relationship management, which meant that a top-tier strategy consultant was the perfect fit. 

Within Financial services, M&A opportunities are among the most sought-after as not only is the work incredibly intellectually stimulating, but you will have the chance to contribute to deals that can change some of the world’s biggest brands and even industries overall. We supported a boutique M&A advisory business with a specialism in TMT with finding their next Analyst and yet again, consultants were highly in demand! The skill set of a junior strategy consultant was very transferrable to this role, as they’ll have been accustomed to carrying out in-depth research, modelling, putting together slide decks and leading the process to negotiation. As the client’s team was very small, high levels of EQ and the ability to assess things from a strategic stand-point were also very desirable attributes.

With the rise of digital; media and telcos are two industries where it is crucial for players to adapt and think strategically. One of our clients is a young but ambitious multinational smartphone manufacturer with roots in Asia and huge expansion plans across the globe. The opportunity with them involved high levels of responsibility and the chance to have a real impact, as the candidate would have been supporting the CEO in key strategic and operational projects on an international scale. Consultants were once again in demand, due to the blend of technical and soft skills as well as the ability to manage competing priorities and handle large workloads.

Another exciting but very different media business to the above was a childhood favourite brand looking to fully relaunch their digital offering and to expand internationally. With new challenges ahead, the CEO and CFO were in need of a commercial, energetic self-starter to come on board and support them in achieving their objectives. The perfect candidate had well-developed consulting skills, a solid amount of industry knowledge and most importantly, a clear passion for it and a strategic mindset. The scope of the role was extremely broad, involving market and competitor research, identifying strategic partnerships, exploring potential M&A deals and unearthing new revenue streams.

Despite the very different industries that our clients come from, one message is clear: consultants are an invaluable pool of talent. With a diverse set of skills, a blend of IQ and EQ and a resourceful, strategic approach, they can contribute significantly to a business from an in-house position. So while it’s clear that the skill-set is in high demand, here at Freshminds, we are wanting to help you find that next role to further enhance your career. 

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