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Digital vegetables- Amazon and Morrisons launch their online grocery venture

by Charlie Roe May 10, 2016

​Already the etailer giant, Amazon launched its online grocery venture today in partnership with Morrisons. 'Amazon Pantry' now offers Amazon Prime customers the opportunity to purchase items from noodles and breakfast cereal to beer and spirits to be delivered direct to your door as per the usual method.

Unlike other traditional online grocery platforms however, Amazon allows you to only fill a certain capacity of a 'Pantry Box' in everyday sizes rather than bulk orders so you 'buy what you need when you need'. Although whether this will be enough to compete with the established grocery markets, despite potentially reduced prices and available vouchers, time will tell.   

As well as this, as Retail Week reported, they had a few starting issues with the site with some items being listed at inflated prices and others being shown next to unrelated images.

"Morrisons’ milk was listed on Amazon.co.uk at a price of £68.75, while bananas were being offered for £27.99".   

We had a full look into the partnership and proposition back when it was announced in March; read the full blog here

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