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The Uberfication of Strategy Consultants

by Emma Harrington January 08, 2016

​Nowadays everything seems to be undergoing an ‘uberfication’ and believe it or not strategy consultants are no exception…

Historically there has been somewhat of a stigma attached to the idea of freelancing and contracting as a career option, with many viewing this as a sign of job hopping or lack of loyalty to an organisation. But this reputation has taken somewhat of a U-turn over the years, particularly within the consulting space and we’re in the midst of a growing movement of strategy “Supertemps”. Top performers within the strategy world are now taking time out of what is likely to have been a regimented path and are taking ownership of their careers to gain unique experiences and ultimate job satisfaction. 

Rather than make a classic move into the group strategy team of a leading UK retailer or the corporate development team of a VC firm, the crème de la crème of strategy consultants are on the hunt for exciting projects that will challenge them, add value to their career achievements and often offer the flexibility to regain the work life balance lost when working as a consultant on a permanent basis. Project work often allows consultants an insight into different industries and teams without having to commit and take a permanent plunge!

According to the Harvard Business Review, these “Supertemps” are “becoming increasingly trusted by corporations to do mission-critical work that in the past would have been done by permanent employees or established outside firms.” Referring to interim consultants as “refugees” from the top consulting firms, the article suggests that this tribe of Supertemps are leaving behind the drudgery of internal meetings and corporate politics whilst still earning what equates to a full-time salary.

Research by McKinsey in 2011 found that 58% of US companies predicted the use of more temporary staff across all levels for the years ahead, and in Europe temporary work is more established than it is in the United States. The vast majority of this work is in the middle tier or below, but it’s spreading up into the high-end. According to Booz Allen Hamilton, the UK market for interim managers is one of the best developed, with an annual growth in the market for interim executives of over 20% across Europe.

With buoyancy in the market and an ever-evolving door for those companies looking to shake things up with the help of strategy consultants and top Minds, the trend for both companies and consultancies looking to take on or “rent” strategic horsepower on a project by project basis is certainly on the up.

Interested in finding out about working on strategy projects or need analytical interim firepower for your business? Drop us a line or give us a call on 020 7692 4300.

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