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FRESH FRIDAYS: Why a happy office is a talent magnet

by Imogen Forbes-Edwards September 04, 2015

​Keeping employees happy can make all the difference in attracting the best and brightest individuals to your business - those who could shape your company’s future.  A strong employer brand is crucial to beckon (and hold onto) top talent, both for large organisations and start-ups.

How do companies create and maintain a good employer brand?

A strong employer reputation comes from being open about what working for your organisation involves - demonstrating the impact that employees have, and letting them speak for the brand.

Google are well known for keeping their employees happy and maintaining productivity. This is reflected by their high ranking in the technology sector on the Simply Hired’s 2014 Employer Brand Index. This research draws upon data from online application interaction, showing the level of engagement with companies’ job openings.  Using a combination of adaptability and perks (including nap pods and massages!), Google keeps their culture aligned with employee sentiment.

The power of a company culture…

Last month, the New York Times published an article commenting on the culture of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, giving testimonies from ex-employees who told of long hours, weekends and holidays interrupted, and the encouragement of a combative approach between employees. 

This work ethic is a core part of the company’s ethos – a tone which was set by Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. He’s known for having written to shareholders;  “you can work long, hard or smart, but at Amazon.com you can’t choose two out of three”. However, since the NYT article was published, Amazon employees -  as well as Bezos himself - have leapt to the company’s defence.

In fact, their work ethic has proved incredibly effective in driving the business to the forefront of the retail industry. Last month, Amazon eclipsed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the country, with a market valuation of $250 billion, and Forbes deemed Mr. Bezos the third-wealthiest person in technology.

So, Amazon  shows that different working environments suit different people – it’s all about being the right fit for a company culture. When you’re striving to beckon the brightest and best into your business, remember – your employees are your most powerful mode of brand promotion.

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