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About 6 years ago by Jon White

FRESH FRIDAYS: Consultancy Quiz


You may think you’re a whiz-kid when it comes to your consulting skillset, but how much do you really know about the world’s biggest and best strategy consultancies?

It’s time to brush up on the facts and figures… We’ve devised a few questions to put your knowledge to the test.

1) Which, out of the following strategy consultancies, was founded almost 90 years ago in 1926?

a. LEK

b. Roland Berger

c. McKinsey

d. Bain & Co.

2) Which of these consultancies have over 10,000 employees?

a. BCG

b. OC&C

c. McKinsey

d. Oliver Wyman

3) Match the consultancy with their sector/specialism!

Roland Berger                                          Financial Services & Risk

LEK                                                           Automative energy & chemicals

OC&C                                                       Life Sciences & Healthcare (and M&A)

Oliver Wyman                                          Consumer Goods & Retail

4) Of the following, which consultancy has offices in the most countries?

a. Oliver Wyman

b. Roland Berger

c. LEK

d. BCG

5) Whose line is it anyway?

The Trusted Advisor to the World’s Leading Businesses

a. Bain & Co.

b. Roland Berger

c. LEK

d. McKinsey

6) Who founded BCG?

a. Bruce Henderson

b. James Lawrence

c. Chuck Bravler

d. Chris Outman

7) Which of the following consultancies has the highest estimated revenue?

a. Bain & Co.

b. BCG

c. McKinsey

d. LEK

e. Roland Berger

f. Oliver Wyman

Eager to know your score? Keep an eye on our blog – we’ll be publishing the answers next week!

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