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Why Freshminds? Why Anywhere?

by Jon White July 21, 2015

​No two days in my job are ever the same… but one thing I do on a daily basis is talk to candidates about why they want to leave their current jobs. This got me thinking – not only about what’s kept me happy at Freshminds for three years, but also about what it takes for businesses to retain talent. I’ve whittled this down to a combination of 3 very important factors…

People power…

At Freshminds - the people are key . I remember walking through the door and being genuinely surprised at the calibre of my new colleagues, and this standard hasn’t wavered. Clashes of character happen wherever you work, but here it’s a very rare occurrence. We get along pretty well – you only have to pitch up to one of our away days post-9pm to realise that we’re friends as well as colleagues (no matter how cheesy that sounds).

In the wider world – the people you work with are often the cause of career frustration … I hear about it a lot - new management, team shifts, or colleagues you simply can’t get along with…. These are all issues that can make it tough to maintain an office dynamic that you’re happy to walk into on a Monday morning.

Both inside and out…

At Freshminds - even after three years, I still get excited about the calibre of candidates and clients that I encounter. It’s not your average recruitment job– I get to meet the C-suite of FTSE 100’s on a regular basis, and am staggered by the amount of talent I come across as I’m constantly intimidated by the letters after my candidates’ names. This means that my myriad of meetings always provides me with fascinating insight and brilliant stories.

In the wider world - this, I appreciate, is perhaps limited to outward facing/ consulting roles. But again, lack of interaction with the outside world is a key reason for leaving jobs and changing careers. If you’re not inspired by the people you have to meet day-to-day, there’s a risk of becoming demotivated, no matter how great your internal team are.

Growth & Opportunity –

At Freshminds - we’re lucky to have great training and resources, which has given me an appetite to try new things without fear of failure. Everything from being seconded into different industries to learning about sectors in depth - if you can put across a valid reason for doing something, the Freshminds attitude is ‘lets give it a go’.

In the wider world - The dreaded ‘glass ceiling’, ‘stagnation’, ‘dead men’s shoes’ – are all phrases that are rolled out regularly when meeting candidates of all levels. If progression and personal development is lacking, talent will seek growth elsewhere.

If you like the sound of joining the Freshminds team you’re in luck – we’re on the lookout for a Consultant to join our projects team. If you’re bright, engaging and have proven sales/ business development experience, check out the role here!

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