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FRESH FRIDAYS: The brain and business

by Lydia Mayatt & Georgina Palmiero July 17, 2015

​We delve into the intricacies of business psychology, and its impact upon the working world. Here's an introduction to 8 ways in which psychological shrewdness can improve the way you work…

1)  Time for change?

Making big changes in your business isn’t easy – you’ve got to innovate, take risks, and learn new things. According to psychologists, picking up a new skill (like learning to play the piano) takes 5,000 hours for the human brain. Ideation – the skill of creating ideas – is no different… it takes time and practise!  But these lengthy learning curves can be avoided - business psychology helps you to absorb the best ideas from your surroundings, and replicate successful strategies.

2)  Empowering Entrepreneurialism

Use business psychology to discover and unlock exciting techniques to create breakthroughs that translate into real-world results. It can help you to gain insight into the best ways to increase your consumer base, and stand head and shoulders above competitors.  

3)  The power of persuasion

This shouldn’t be underestimated. Learn how to apply psychological tactics of persuasion within your business, and you’ll find your job becomes a lot easier. You can use business psychology to build effective sales and marketing strategies to create happy, satisfied and loyal customers.

4)  Rallying the troupes

Business psychology allows leaders to understand the best ways to manage, and to spark enthusiasm that’s infectious in the office. The best leaders are shrewd with psychology, and know how to tap into the minds of others to get the responses and results they want.

5)  Manipulating motivation

Motivation is what drives us to overcome hurdles and strive for top results. By being psychologically savvy, you can learn to understand people’s motives, and even influence them in order to get the results that you’re after.

6)  Solving the consumer riddle

This idea of motivation is also crucial to tap into the minds of your consumers. Consumer psychology can provide an insight into what people want from a product or service. In turn, businesses can adapt product development and marketing. Research reaps rewards!

7)  Actions speak louder than words

Business psychology is a great tool when hiring top talent, particularly during the interview process. Body language, and the way that a candidate addresses their interviewer, can speak volumes about whether their character is suited to the culture and work ethic of your organisation. 

8)  Refining the art of a company culture

Organisations are a cocktail of individuals – all unique, all with their own ways of working.  Business psychology looks into how these individuals work together and cooperate and how different personalities collide in order to breed productivity and success.

It’s clear that being savvy with business psychology is the key to effective management and teamwork.

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