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Top online Powerpoint and Excel Templates for Consultants

July 01, 2015

To help your work go a little faster, there are lots of Powerpoint and Excel templates available online. Many of these are business and management specific with good, clear and professional looking designs - so why spend ages trying to align all the text boxes on a presentation or worry about the functions and formatting in a spreadsheet? The basics are already out there to build from!

Firstly, a quick mention of this website: http://capabilitycenter.com/ It has to be the best for consulting professionals to get templates from as there is such a multitude and they are all submitted by consultants themselves. It claims to have 220,000 downloadable files including 140,000 Powerpoints and 50,000 financial models. That's quite a lot. Only catch to get access to this goldmine is that you can only access the resources if invited after writing up an application. Definitely worth it if you can get through though as it is recommended as the #1 site for consultants.


  1. Definitely the best slides for consultants looking for great diagrams with vibrant colours and enticing designs. There are some free slides available here but the subscription is worth it for these excellent slides.

  2. Here there are uploads from top consulting firms such as BCG if you search for 'consulting' presentations.

  3. Strategy Expert is a consulting website so these templates will be consulting specific.

  4. No slides can be downloaded for free here but there are some nice designs, if only to get some inspiration to create your own.

  5. Another subscription needed for this one, but several management consultant specific slides available.


  1. Skilled Up has an excellent list of Excel templates here with links to all the websites to download them from (note some of them require membership but have one free download). Clear explanations are given for what the templates are for - some are more relevant to small businesses but definitely an all-purpose useful list of links including financial modeling and Excel templates for Macs.

  2. Lots of useful templates from Chandoo here including Gantt charts, project reporting dashboards, management tracker tools and ready-made formula sheets.

  3. Strategy Expert again with a small range of Excel models here but all aimed at consultants.

  4. Slightly annoyingly not in any order but over a 110 Excel spreadsheets for free download here. As they're free, it's certainly worth a search for what you're looking for

  5. Another non-ordered list but almost all based on financial models with direct links to the free downloads from other sites.

  6. For a relatively small price, this website offers a range of financial templates including Analysis, Planning and Projection.

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