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Top Tips for Running Effective Workshops

March 09, 2015

​Management Consultants not only travel and do analytics on Excel - they need to run good workshops to explain to their clients the new proposals that will turn the company around. This isn't just a lecture and presentation, it's about getting the people involved and showing them what actions they need to take.

And for those higher up in the business, you may be running workshops for those newbie graduates that have just joined, training them to be a consultant. This will require plenty of workshops...so how do you run the best one you can?

The following 10 websites will show you how!

  • Workshop wizard Ross Simmonds gives five workshop tactics here to ensure your audience is engaged

  • A great detailed post from Mindtools about preparing a successful workshop, including links to other useful related pages on the site.

  • A detailed article on the website selfgrowth.com - lots of ideas on how to conduct workshops effectively.

  • The 'before, during, after' of the workshop planning process.

  • Bored of endless meetings? Why not throw a workshop instead!

  • Running an innovation workshop to come up with ideas and solutions with stakeholders? This post, aimed at IT consultants but still relevant, offers 10 ideas to ensure the outcomes are worthwhile.

  • Another blog post giving advice for workshop planning to ensure goals are reached.

  • Sometimes find it difficult to get everyone engaged and talking to each other? How do you differentiate a workshop from a lecture? A useful document here full of ice-breakers to create a working workshop.

  • Struggling to get the audience working together? Use some of these team building templates to help.

  • 10 ideas on how to conduct a Business Improvement workshop.

And if you're looking for more, read 'How to Run a Great Workshop: The Complete Guide to Designing and Rubbing Brilliant Workshops and Meetings' by Nikki Highmore Sims

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