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Top 10 Consultancy Resources Websites

by laura2400 March 11, 2015

As it says in the title, here are the Top Ten websites online for a plethora of consultancy resources. They vary in target audience and things offered, but this is a great headstart into what's out there on the web and to then branch out from to find the specialist bit of information you're looking for!

  1.  STRATEGY EXPERTThis is probably the best website out there for all things management consultancing-y! From articles to help you decide if this career is right for you or to move from a firm into industry to what would definitely be useful for when you've got the job - templates for presentations and Excel models! And best of all, there is even an 'agony uncle' called Greybeard that you can post your recent crises to for some calming advice. Perfect!

  2. CONSULTING CAREER CONNECTION  A nice easy to navigate website with blog posts from consulting experts on their own 'Top Tips' on everything from networking to preparing for an assessment or interview. The 30 example interview questions are certainly well worth a read and most importantly, all the resources on this site are FREE!

  3. MANAGEMENT CONSULTED  This one definitely wins for the most excellent pun! American based website with nice detailed profiles of some of the major consulting firms with plenty of links, articles of interest including 'A Day in the life of a Management Consultant', 'Overview of the Recruiting Process' and 'Consulting Lingo Dictionary' as well as some free 'Consulting 101' videos. But watch out - the CV editing and professional advice comes with hefty price tags...

  4. ACE THE CASE  This website gives help for all aspects of the case study part of the consultancy interview process. Only three examples are given for free (strategy, estimation and logic) before you have to buy the book. Though it isn't too expensive at $14.95

  5. CASE INTERVIEW  Expert advice from a former McKinsey consultant – register for free access to 6 hours worth of case interview training videos! Yes that is quite a lot but this guy knows his stuff – he got through 60 out of 61 case interviews and got offers for 7 consulting jobs!

  6. OXFORD CAREERS   Although this is the careers website for students at the University of Oxford, there are some good info sheets here on preparing for case studies and what the career path of a management consultant is as well as a list of some recommended books and articles at the bottom.

  7. ASK LEKThis is the blog of L.E.K. so is mainly based on that firm. However, the blog posts are from various people of varying levels of experience in the firm and there are some good case interview videos.

  8. CONSULTING TIMES This is a monthly paper which can be read online to catch up with all the recent news in the world of consulting. Useful perhaps for a little added something in an interview...?

  9. TOP-CONSULTANT Sign up to top-consultant and get a free weekly e-newsletter with latest news and most importantly - networking opportunities, seminars and new job post.

  10. ICONSULTINGFinally, for those of you who have already qualified as a consultant, you may want to become a member of the Institute of Consulting. Membership starts at only £60 and is probably a good investment for the extra resources you can gain access to through the websites 'Consulting Direct' section and through the regular talks and seminars as well as qualifications you can earn. You even get a profile on the site so when clients are looking for consultants, you are fully accredited here. Learning doesn't just stop after the initial 2 year training period remember!

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