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Top 6 websites for learning VBA for Macros

February 02, 2015

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. Even with the acronym unraveled, VBA might not meant that much to you but essentially it is the computer 'language' in order to create Macros. So what's a Macro? Well, it's all the instructions that you enter into Excel via VBA for the spreadsheet to perform tasks and to have style and formatting. It's what makes a spreadsheet more than simply a set of numbers in a table by automating tedious mathematical tasks. So creating Macros and being 'fluent' in VBA are essential skills for a consultant. To get up to speed, here are the top websites...

1) Probably the best free course for beginner's of VBA (and if any skills need brushing up then you can head to the main Excel website). 10 sections with multiple sections within each of these so that the info is short and snappy rather than too drawn out and complicated. MORE

2) Microsoft's own free online training course for Macros. The tests at the end of the sections are good ways to assess whether you are understanding what you are reading. MORE 

3) Basic introduction to what macros are with a worked through example and screen shot pictures. MORE

4) 23 tutorials on VBA by Dr. Liew Voon Kiong. Ebook to go with the tutorials available to download. MORE

5) A basic website which is a little difficult to navigate but there are good free VBA tutorials here. MORE

6) Useful guide to VBA functions but explained quite technically so not for the beginner. MORE

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